Company Background

Joseph Mansour formed Accord in 1990 to develop and operate income-producing properties in the Southwest and Western United States.  The company currently has properties in Oklahoma, Texas and California.  The combined experience of Accord’s present and past principals encompasses over $1 billion in commercial real estate, including land development, subdivision, multifamily, industrial and hospitality projects.

About Accord

Accord Interests, LLC, develops new projects or repositions under-utilized or undeveloped inter-urban projects by creating commercial, hospitality, retail and multi-family properties that have high barriers to entry. These quality value-added investments have high market demand and, thereby, carry high market caps offering investors and partners excellent returns.  

Our Philosophy

Accord was founded by real estate investors to provide professional, results-oriented real estate development opportunities. Accord operates to maximize property values for its partners. Accord combines state-of-the-art systems with attention to the fundamentals of real estate development. The efficiencies of our systems allow our professionals to be relieved of time-consuming and dated procedures and focus […]